The Ambition Pursuit Mindset Gets You Going

Your definitive guide to achieving success.

Quest Based Living: Overcoming the distractions of modern life - We designed the paradigm of Ambition Pursuit for the modern obsessively connected life.

There are tons of things lying in wait to distract you from your ultimate goal. Here's how to put the kibosh on their attack. Set up your day the night before. Do the most difficult things first. Eliminate distractions and time wasters. Regenerate and keep up your energy. Constantly remind yourself of your ultimate goals.

The Seven Practices to Self Actualization
  • Dream your Destiny - Envision the Compass 🧭 of your Life
  • Prioritize your Dreams - Design the Strategy 🔀 to Pursue your Ambitions
  • Focus your Priorities - Plan the Pursuits ➢ of your Results
  • Act your Focus - Mobilize the Agenda 📆 of your Day
  • Retrospect your Actions - Evaluate the Momentum 📈 of your Progress
  • Streamline your Productivity - Optimize your Workflows with Contexts ⌘, People 👥, and Tags 🔖
  • Improve your Approach - Maximize your Potential through Personal Growth, Research, Learning, Training, and Community