iOS app update 1.02.08 (Dec 28, 2022)

After months of work, we are glad to release several anticipated enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Cards can now be created (or linked) directly to Ambitions—so you can add notes, to dos, and tasks directly to ambitions—eliminating the need to create projects for simpler ambitions
  • Ambitions are now listed along with projects in the pursuits module
  • Projects linked to an ambition are shown under it in the Journal page in Today module
  • Projects are now child objects of ambition and they can no longer be linked directly to an area or a driving desire

Issues fixed

  • Synchronization was failing with the message "Network Error: Client not set up with a cloud account" on some new installations
  • Opening compass module was showing errors or crashing the app in certain scenarios
  • Deleting an area in compass module was failing with message "Unable to delete item because it contains child items" when it had only deleted child items
  • Journal page entries in Today module did not automatically update after they were given a thumbs up or down
  • Setting date on some To Do items was resulting in a time zone error message
  • Today module showed a date in the past when launching app for the first time after a new install

This is a pilot launch of our service. We welcome your feedback in making our service work for you. Please contact us directly for any bugs or issues.