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Anywhere in the application 

  • Ctrl + N: Create a new card
  • Ctrl + F: Find text within all your cards
  • F1: Show help (this screen)
  • F5: Synchronize and refresh application screen
  • F7: Hide or show navigation pane
  • F8: Hide or show calendar widget
  • F9: Hide or show canvas pane

Within a list of cards 

  • H: Highlight
  • A: To Do, Not Queued
  • Q: To Do, Queued
  • D: Done
  • Z: Archive
  • T: Add to Today’s Agenda
  • N: Create a new card
  • Shift + N: Create a new copy of the select card
  • U or F2: Edit or update the selected card
  • T: Pin selected cards to do Today
  • M: Mark selected cards as must be done Today; or flip it back
  • X: Mark selected cards as done; or flip it back to not done
  • Alt + Up: Move cards into the group above
  • Alt + Down: Move cards into the group below
  • Alt + Left: Decrease due by, make selected cards due sooner
  • Alt + Right: Increase due by, make selected cards due later
  • D: Change or set due date on selected cards
  • P: Postpone or move due date on selected cards by a specified number of days
  • F: Find text within the currently displayed list of cards
  • Delete: Delete the card permanently
  • ? (Shift + /): Show help (this screen)

While creating or updating a card (in the card editing panel) 

  • Enter: (OK) Finish editing and go back into card list
  • Ctrl + Enter: Finish editing and continue creating more cards
  • Alt + Enter: Finish editing and open card in new window of its own

While finding text in cards (in the find panel) 

  • Esc: Clear the search text; Or close the find window if there is no search text


PS We are currently in the process of writing this page. We expect to finish by the end of Septemeber 2023. Please contact us directly for anything, we love helping users like you: