Accelerate your pursuit with these features

Ability to highlight paragraphs in notes and have them show up alongside the title of the card as sub-titles

There needs to be an item type log – for each card, stack, aggregated up to roles, every view in fact

All notes on tasks roll up into project notes view

You can still create additional “stand-alone” notes

Task notes are a subset of Goal notes, easily zoom in to task specific notes or zoom out to see Goal level notes and notes from other milestones and tasks… like a webpage with in-page hyperlinks.
Linking, Attachments: Quick access to project plans for goals during weekly planning

Ability to zoom notes – increase, decrease and reset font size – for better reading experience

Apply user font selection to Canvas too

Ctrl+. (period) inserts a bullet to the beginning of the line. If there is a bullet to the left already, inserts a tab before the bullet. Ctrl+Shift+. (period) does the opposite

Open links in notes by clicking on them. (Display notes in a read-only view and switch to edit view when user clicks anywhere outside of links?