Release 0.01.02 (Nov 10, 2018)


  • Improved taxonomy and behavior of workflow objects based on user feedback, updated app to reflect changes
    • Streamlined names and descriptions of workflow modules, workflow object types, and their sub components
    • Refined their icons, labels, and made their purpose more explicit in the UI
    • Improved logical hierarchy of workflow objects and nesting rules
  • Improved context menus to be relevant to items right-clicked
  • When an archived parent object is visible, make all its archived child objects visible too.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent user from deleting/archiving/inactivating objects in a way that breaks the data model integrity for the UI
  • Allow deletion of parent object only when all its immediate child objects have been deleted
  • Allow archiving an Area or a Quest only when all its immediate child objects (such as Quests, Projects, or Folders) have been archived
  • Tab navigation issues:
    • Tabs now shrink in size instead of overflowing and becoming invisible
    • No more false active tab from previous session