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Thank you for using the Pursuit app. It is an essential component of our service and we want to make sure it exceeds your expectations.


Full-featured alpha version of the app is available on Windows platform

Stable prototype versions available on iPhone and Anrdoid phone platforms. Our goal is to release the full-featured app in October 2023.

Early prototype version available on macOS platform. We aim to release the full-featured app by December 2023.


While we strive to make the app intuitive, self-explanatory, and as much as possible user friendly, there are some features which require additional explanation. This section covers such technical or platform specific features of this app.

Stay informed

We are adding features and releasing improvements every week; and we are committed to launching the app on all major OS platforms and browsers by June 2024. So follow us or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

Talk to us

We welcome your feedback in making our service work for you. Please contact us directly for any queries, requests, issues, or feedback via:

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