Windows app update 1.2.09 (Dec 29, 2022)

With this update we have fix a problem caused by the previous update, where in information for new installation assistance and user guide was displaying "Page Not Found" message.

Also, here is a quick recap of enhancements and issues resolved in the previous updates.

December 28th update (1.2.08)


  • Introducing quick user guides: automatically displayed when accessing a feature for the first time
  • Introducing new Strategy Module
  • Introducing new Milestone Result workflow object
  • Journal feature renamed to Momentum, to more closely reflect its purpose.
  • Improved Compass module
  • Improved Today module, now with Momentum (Journal) feature

Issues fixed

  • Synchronization was failing with the message "Network Error: Client not set up with a cloud account" on some new installations
  • Clicking on "New Card" was causing "An unexpected error occurred" message for users who hadn't yet viewed an existing card after launching the app
  • Setting date on some To Do items was resulting in a time zone error message
  • Rescheduling some tasks via drag-and-drop in planner module was resulting in a time zone error message
  • Setting some cards to "Someday" was causing an error message
  • Today module showed a date in the past when launching app for the first time after a new install